pressurized air cables

Hivoduct produces MV and HV Cables with pressurized air for insulation and a rigid, grounded enclosure.  

Hivoduct "pressurized air cables" transmit more power, use less space, exhibit lower electromagnetic fields and less losses in operation. 

Hivoduct cables benefit system integrators, grid operators, the environment and neighbourhoods. 

Hivoduct Ltd. introduction in 1 min...

Our Mission

We are a Swiss high-tech start-up that enables technologies for low-impact energy transmission.

We reduce the environmental impact of high-voltage electric energy transmission by: 

  • A new technology for electric energy transmission: Pressurized air cables
  • Similar functionality as high-voltage lines and traditional XLPE cables 
  • Pressurized air for insulation (No SF6 gas as used in GIL, No XLPE as used in traditional cables)
  • No noise emissions and shielded electromagnetic fields
  • Compact dimensions - therefore less trenching, material and space requirement
  • Better transmission efficiency and reduced losses in operation
  • Co-location with existing infrastructure due to fireproof, inherent safety