pressurized air cables

Services & Offering

Hivoduct AG offers the following services and products

Engineering & Consulting

Need a medium - or high-voltage transmission solution or want to benchmark Hivoduct pressurized air cables vs. transmission lines or traditional cables?

We will provide you with a quick check, a feasibility study, an engineering option and a budgetary offer.


Test Installation 

  • Want to see a Hivoduct cable in action and perform your own tests? 
  • Want to check on-site assembly and maintenance with your own people or contractors?
  • Need to extend your switchyard with additional exits or busbars but have no space?
  • Want to do research on high-voltage equipment and need a quick assembly device to bring the high-voltage there? 

Let us know your requirements and we will offer a test installation engineered for your needs.  

SF6 free GIS exit busducts

  • Want to reduce the SF6 Volume of your GIS by using air cables for the exit busducts?
  • Want to avoid steel structures for the exits and protect them in concrete trenches?
    Depending of the length of the exits, up to 50 % of the SF6 volume of a GIS can be reduced by replacing exit busducts with pressurized air cables. Hivoduct cables are directly connected to single-phase enclosed GIS. 

    Contact us during your engineering phase to get a Hivoduct offer.

HV Cables - 
with improved 

  • Want to avoid right-of-way issues and put a section of your line underground?
  • Does your line or XLPE cable produce too much losses or requires compensation?
  • Do you have strict requirements on electromagnetic field emissions or short distances to sensitive neighbourhoods?
  • Want to use your tunnel, conduit, trench or trough as a power highway to transmit Gigawatts?
  • Want a benchmark offer comparing air cables to lines or traditional cables?

Let us know the location and we will engineer a budgetary offer for you. If it's tricky, we may need to do a feasibility study first.


Want to manufacture or install Hivoduct pressuried air cables yourself?

We are happy to discuss licensing options. 

Training & 
components supply

Want your people be trained in how to manufacture, assemble or install Hivoduct cables?
Have a license but cannot find a specific component and would like to source from us?

We will provide an offer for hands-on training or material supply.

Note that some of the services may not be available during start-up phase and limited to specific regions.